Key to the Hole - Approach Shot from Around the Corner

The 4th hole tells your eyes that a booming draw is required off the tee; however this is not always the case. A right to left tee shot is only necessary if you are a longer hitter. If your driver does not have enough power to get past the corner tree on the left, then don't be afraid to play a fade off the tee. It will leave you nicely in position for your second shot and move the ball away from the out of bounds and bunkers on the left. With your second shot feel free to fire at the pin from the fairway if you have your "A" game and are going to spin the ball. However if you're left with a longer than desired approach or a tricky lie you will have the option to fire the ball down the right, landing it short and letting the lie of the land do the rest. Make sure you take enough club to carry the right hand bunker and commit to a line that takes the left bunkers out of play.

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